I Don't Know How to Love Him (1972)

Look At You, Look At Me
I Would Have Had A Good Time
Can't Find My Way Home 
Everyday Of My Life
I Don't Know How To Love Him
Sugar Babe                                          Nothing Rhymed
                                                    World In Changes
                                                            Interlude For Johnny
                                                            Speak Your Mind


Food of Love (1973)

Casserole Me Over

More Than One, Less Than Five

I Want To Make You Laugh, I Want To Make You Cry

Meusli Dreams

I Can't Explain



I Don't Know How To Love Him Blues

                                                           The Moon Struck One

                                                           Happy Ending

                                                           Love's Bringing Me Down

Love's Bringing Me Down

Rising Sun (1975)

From The Inside
Best Of My Love
Somewhere In The Night
Bad Weather
Walk Right In
Steady As You Go
Who's Gonna Save The World?
Small Town Talk
                                                            If You Walked Away
                                                            Sweeter Memories

Love Me (1977)

Love Me
Hello Stranger
I Can't Get You Outa My Mind
I Know
Without You (There Ain't No Love At All)
Good Sign
She'll Be The Home
                                                            (I Don't Know Why) I Keep Hangin' On
                                                            I'd Do It Again
                                                            Uphill Peace Of Mind

Night Flight (1978)

Baby Don't Let It Mess Your Mind
In A Stranger's Arms
I'll Be Around
Lady Of The Silver Spoon
Down The Backstairs Of My Life
If I Can't Have You
Prince Of Fools

Moment by Moment
                                                            Sally Go 'Round The Roses
                                                            Up To The Man In You
                                                            Sailing Ships

Yvonne (1979)

Love Pains
Cold Wind Across My Heart
Everything Must Change
How Long
Hit The Road Jack/Sticks And Stones
Rock Me Slowly                                                                                                       I'm Gonna Use What I Got To Get                                                                     What I Need                                                                                                             Nowhere To Hide